Tattoos by House of Pain Stockholm


Daniel started his career as a tattoo artist in the year 1999 after finishing high school with art as main subject. Learning things the hard way working as an apprentice in different shops around Stockholm Daniel found his way to House of Pain in September 2002.

Having a talent for drawing and painting already as a big mouthed young boy Daniel did not step back when being asked, at age fifteen, to work on his first ever tattoo. Customer number one turned out to be proud dad who still today shows no regrets for bringing that tattoo machine home to his overwhelmed son. Close to fifteen years and loads of tattoos later, Daniel naturally have improved in skills and experience but is still working with that very same enthusiasm shown as a 15-year old in front of his first piece of uncoloured flesh.

Being a big fan of all kinds of art himself there is a wide segment of styles and fashions that Daniel feel comfortable in and enjoys working with; realistic, bio-mechanic, horror, cartoon/new-school, Japanese etc. If you
want to mix styles or are insecure of what is the right motif for you, don’t hesitate to contact Daniel personally for inputs and ideas.

Speaking to the customer and trying to create a picture similar to what the customer might have in mind, and if possible improve it, is the first important step when it comes to working with what Daniel enjoys most; custom
made and free hand tattoos. Working on free hand does not only give the customer a one of a kind tattoo, it also gives the artist possibilities to suit the tattoo to a specific body, an issue well as important as the choice of motive.

Tattoos by Danne